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Plansee Holding AG

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Industria metalúrgica

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Grado, Diploma, Máster, MBA

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El acomodo, Colaboración independiente, Prácticas, estudiante que trabaja para financiarse los estudios, El doctorado, Tesis de Grado/Máster/Diploma/Doctorado

Sobre nosotros

We are a private enterprise whose owners are committed to their employees and whose employees are committed to the company. This can be seen in the long-standing loyalty of our employees to the company – in 2014, our boards worldwide honored 342 employees who have been with us for up to 45 years.
Our success is based on a spirit of partnership and on our directness and honesty in our dealings with customers, employees, suppliers and other partners, as well as on our commitment to the environment.

The Plansee Group is represented in over 50 countries: We work together with different cultures and religions. We respect one another, learn at intercultural training events and believe that multicultural cooperation enriches our ideas and actions.
To disabled individuals, we offer suitable roles and work opportunities in our company.
We value the knowledge and experience of our long-standing employees just as much as we do the youth and energy of the career starters in our company. Every generation is important to us and we strive to achieve a mixed employment and age structure. In just the same way as we want to ensure a healthy mixture of men and women in the Plansee Group. At present, 17 percent of all our employees are women! And we want this number to grow! That is why we are working to make our employment opportunities and career paths even more attractive to women.

Professionals & Career starters

Entering a profession is one of the most important decisions anyone ever makes. The dynamic development of the Plansee Group offers a wide range of possibilities for graduates. With our structural onboarding plan, we prepare newcomers to the company carefully for the precise position that awaits them. Only then do they start to handle their responsible and challenging tasks. Tell us why we need you and what you can do for us and become a part of our team!

Thesis work

“Grain boundaries in molybdenum and their properties” and “Study and evaluation of the grinding properties of hard metals” are examples of theses and dissertations that have recently been completed in the Plansee Group. By investigating any of a wide range of topics, you contribute to our and your own progress and lay a solid foundation for your future professional success. Thanks to their expertise and commitment, some of the graduates who have worked with us have joined our teams and help ensure the continued success of the company. Enrich our projects with your knowledge!

Plansee Holding AG

No se puede encontrar un trabajo adecuado con nosotros, esperamos que su aplicación no solicitada.

Persona de contacto
Herr Robert van Helden
Head of Recruiting Services

Metallwerk Plansee-Straße 71
6600 Reutte


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